01 September 2008

WTF2: Political Boogaloo

I'm actually starting to feel bad for Sarah Palin. More and more, her pick is looking like a spite choice on McCain's part, since Rove wouldn't let him have Joe Lieberman and McCain can't stand Romney. So he picks this unknown that he's met all of twice, without vetting her (clearly!), because she's a woman.

And now in addition to the fact that she has no experience to speak of and is in the middle of an investigation over alleged misuse of her office, her 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant. Obama took the high road and said unequivocally that attacks on candidates' families are out of bounds. I think he's dead right. I also wish that the McCain campaign can't be counted on to do the same. Why be above mudslinging when you can pick apart the senior thesis that your opponent's wife wrote for possible anti-white sentiment? Or when you can try to tie your opponent--who was 8 at the time--to the actions of a '60's radical? Or when you can release ads implying that your opponent is the Antichrist? But I suppose you can't expect anything else from the guy who hired the man who slimed his family eight years ago to work on his currrent campaign.

There is a failure of judgement here, but it's not Palin's that I'm worried about. It's McCain's. Choosing someone to be your running mate without knowing everything there is to know first, and allowing yourself and your party to be completely blindsided tells me that you're either arrogant enough to think it doesn't matter or too short-sighted to realize it'll be an issue. Or both.

As for Palin, all that really needs to be said is that I believe that deciding whether or not to have a child is a private decision for each individual woman to make--and that it's too bad Sarah Palin doesn't agree.

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Faith said...

I agree, Bristol Palin should be left alone. But her situation calls into question her mother's support for abstinence-only sex education in schools as well as her overall pro-life stance. Republicans are all about telling other people how to live, meanwhile their own homes are on fire!

Also, you have to wonder about the judgment of a woman who would willingly subject her daughter to this type of scrutiny so that she can further her political career. So throwing your kid under the bus = traditional family values?!